about karen


Growing up, I have always loved being around the kitchen – peeping at my mum cooking from the side.

Thanks to my Peranakan roots, I get to savour the distinct flavours found in Peranakan cooking. Oh! and I also loved listening to daddy telling stories about grandma cooking and how he would sit at the side helping out :))

But that was it! I only started to cook my own instant noodles when I was in upper primary. I didn’t do much during home economics in secondary school, the only thing I did  remember was making meat patty. Even then, I only flipped the patty cause I couldn’t bring myself to touch raw meat until I was I think 16 or 17? When it came to baking, I chose pre-mixed stuff from the supermarket which has instructions to “just add oil/eggs/water”

Fast Forward

I started baking about 15 months ago (2014), and according to my instagram, this was my first attempt.

first red velvets


Soon after, I started my journey –  got myself a Bosch Kitchen Machine and started practising and signing up for baking classes.

My Journey

I hope that this blog will help me keep track and share my journey of baking. Hopefully, some recipes too

Thanks to J for helping me set this up and for those who are always tasting my bakes and giving me great feedbacks that helps me improve myself.

Besides baking, don’t be surprise to see some cooking, craft works and some random stuff that might pop up along the way. So stay tuned!

love, Karen.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”


My Kitchen

Till I get married and have my own home, my mum’s kitchen is where all the magic happens!

I’m grateful that in recent months, my mum has been allowing me to use the kitchen almost whenever I want. My Kitchen is tiny, 2 people would be considered a crowd. I’ve not measured the size of the kitchen, but by walking, it’ll be 5 steps (length) by 3 steps (breadth).


I’m currently baking using a 42L Panasonic Microwave Convection Oven, with a turntable. So that’s why, you’ll notice that I use a circle baking tray when i bake cookies, eclairs, macarons etc. (things that require a flat baking tray).

Kitchen Machine



I use a Bosch Home Professional Kitchen Machine – Mum57830

When I just started baking, I wanted to get a kitchen machine. I was struggling with the decision whether to get a Bosch or a Kitchen aid.

Finally, I made the decision to get the Bosch Machine based on the usability, functions, its sleek and compact design and its safety function. After using it for a year, I have no regrets, it has been serving me well.

(I took the following information off their website)

 -900 watt motor for demanding dough and quick processing

-Great multi-functionality thanks to professional patisserie set (professional beating whisk, professional flexible stirring whisk, kneading hook), continuous shredder with professional Supercut cutting disc, reverse shredding disc and grating disc, citrus press

-Large stainless steel mixing bowl (max. dough capacity 2.0 kg) and seven settings plus powerful pulse function for endless baking pleasure

-Integrated special EasyArmLift function makes working with the machine easy and effortless

-Easy and safe to use (Bosch technology); easy to clean (dishwasher-safe accessories)