Calligraphy Logo Doodle by Small Soldiers

If you have noticed, as of 11am today, the “Bakes and Doodles” picture on the top left has been changed!


How it started

so I went online to look for fonts to use and found this really really pretty font. But to use it, I would need to purchase a license. I almost did it! But my quick thinking sister suggested something clever while fetching me home from work

so nice of her 🙂

“Why don’t you ask Xiao Jun to calligraph something”

(XJ does calligraphy, water colour painting, and travels to places during her free time)

So, on Saturday I messaged her and by Tuesday I receieved all this! SO AMAZING!

bakesndoodles1 bakesndoodles2



(The top left was done by me and XJ helped me improve from there )






Not much thought needed in whether to use them, but which one to use!

They are all so nice!

But, we had to come down to one. AND THIS IS THE ONE!

Bakes & Doodles







So Thank You Small Soldier for you work !

I look forward to learning some calligraphy and water colour skills from you really soon!

” Calligraphy is a kind of music not for the ears, but for the eyes.”
~ V. Lazursky