Castle Cake for the Little Princess

How to built a castle cake? Watch this!

So the little princess turned  5 about a month ago, and she requested a CASTLE CAKE !

To be a little bit more specific, a Pink Castle Princess Cake.

I love getting ideas and challenges from the young ones.From the sheep cupcakes, to the “Planes” Cake, and now the castle cake. Always testing my imagination and helping me improve myself.


For this cake, I used a normal 3 layer chocolate sponge cake recipe (which I will share in time to come), a simple whip cream,  decorating it with almost any biscuits you can find. Go bring yourself on a tour of the supermarket.  Get the point? use anything to create your own master piece.

Steps I took to build this cake –

1. I searched “Castle Cake” on Pinterest. Lots of amazing castle cakes appeared, some so majestic looking – if i were to have a wedding cake, it would be one of those grand white castle cakes.

2. I drew a sketch

3. Walked around supermarkets to see what biscuits would best suit the cake

4. Made a basic chocolate sponge cake with “better-creme” – You can use any of your favorite cake and buttercream recipe.

5. Assembled the cake, I only applied the cream thinly as people I know prefers more cake than cream!

-Place Strawberry flavored Redondos around the cake, breaking the tops so that i can have Redondos of different heights

-Kit-kats as the doors

-Used a star tip to pipe butter cream on the top of the cake to add structure. Tinted it with a little pink coloring

-M&ms – came across Easter m&ms which came in lovely pastel colour

-ice-cream cones for the castle towers with handmade cone covers and flags

-Princess Belle was bought from a kid’s store.

Watch the video above to see how this castle was built.

Try making the Castle Cake, Enjoy!


To the little princess,

Thank you for being such a joy. No words can describe how precious you are to me. May God’s abundant blessing constantly be upon you. Continue to share you love and happiness to your parents, siblings and all around you.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Love, che2 Karen