Felt Art Dinosaur

Watching Jurassic World must have unleashed some hidden interest in dinosaurs.

After watching the movie, I went to Pinterest and searched “Dinosaur Felt Art” and found this ultra cute dinosaur templates.

I followed the link to http://umecrafts.storenvy.com and purchased the felt pattern for a reasonable price of USD $6 which was equivalent to SGD $8.40. It came in directly through my email  – A zip folder containing a material list, instructions and patterns for 3 dinosaurs, a volcano and a fern. I had some materials at home and enough green to make the stegosaurus, so I starting tracing and cutting out the patterns to start sewing.

As I am still practicing my sewing skills and due to convenience, I got my felt from Diaso. However, with the amount of time and work put into it, I would advice to go straight for quality. Take a trip down to Chinatown area, people’s park area and you will see many shops selling cloth materials. However, the material there is sold by the metre, so know what you will be making and the amount of felt you will need before heading down. But for now, I will work with whatever materials I have at home.

I started sewing the little green dino on the way up to Malacca from Singapore. Completed it in aprox. 1 1/2hr.

I did not have the instructions with me while making the dino, so with my thread, needle and my felt cut-outs, I used the stitch that I was most confident of – the blanket stitch. I’m not sure about you, but I like seeing the stitches as it gives a more “hand-made” look.

Next time, I would follow instructions! The Dino patterns I purchased came with very good and clear instructions on how to sew the dinos. It really does seem nicer than mine. So it would be a waste if I just did it my way instead of following the instructions.


This is their original picture from their website. So cute right!


















And so, this little creature was created. A 6 year old became a proud owner the Stegosaurus which we named Spike after the dinosaur cartoon I watch when I was little: The Land Before Time.

Because this 6 year old boy has a little 4 year old sister who gave me the “Puss in boots” eye and asked, “how about me?”, I’m currently working on a Triceratops which we might name Cera.

Till next time, continue doodling!

love Karen.


” What would the child you once were think of the adult you have become?”

~ I think I’m cool in a kiddy way 😀


Now, let me go and make that felt art dinosaur for the little girl