Homemade PlayDough

make your own homemade playdough in 15 minutes and have hours of fun! When I was little, I always wanted to play with play dough, but playdoughs were considered expensive and last only a short while. It either becomes into a ball of yucky colour or some disgusting stuff gets stuck onto it.

No, this post is not about how to prevent it from getting yucky cause that would remove all the fun. But by making your own playdough, you add to the fun, you get to customise your own colours, children get to help out, and all the ingredients are easily accessible and affordable.

Needless to say, playdough for children comes with its long list of benefits. Just google it and a whole long list would appear- from motor skills development, improving their creativity, helping them to learn shapes and sized etc.

I got the help of the 3 little ones again for this video, what I always do when I baby-sit them – they always love to see the outcomes of the videos i make and it would be on repeat mode when i show it to them.

Homemade PlayDough

4 Cups of Flour

2 Cups of Salt

4 Cups of Water

2 Tablespoons of Cream of Tartar

4 Tablespoon of Vegetable oil

Food colouring

  1. Mix all the ingredients together into a big pot
  2. Heat it over the fire, stirring continuously until it becomes a big ball of dough
  3. Allow to cool slightly, turn it over to a clean surface
  4. Knead it a little
  5. Divide into desired portions
  6. Knead a few drops of food colouring into the dough achieve desired colour ( You can use Ziploc bags or gloves to prevent colour stains on your hands )

There you have it! Homemade play dough! Play over a mat for easy clear ups.