Something really exciting just happened over the week end! WARNING LONG POST AHEAD!  

No amount of words can describe the entire experience. Honestly, it was like a roller coaster ride.

Firstly,  before I get too overly excited over this post, CONGRATS TO THE NEW COUPLE: JASON AND GRACIA ON THEIR HAPPILY EVER AFTER! May the both of you be blessed so greatly and as you experience this new life with each other, may you see God’s great love unfolding even more in your life.




So, 2 months ago, I received a whatsapp message from Michelle of Palatable Word on 27th January 2016.

Michelle: Babe… opportunity to bake for my brother’s wedding. On? 19th March.

My reply: together? Sure! So fun! Let me check if I can take leave.

I’m quite sure I sounded more excited than that! Maybe a little nervous, ok…. A LOTTTTT NERVOUS!


Before I get too carried away, why not watch a video that summarizes the Baking day and the set up of the Dessert Table.

So Yes, I can blog this now because…. it turned out really well!

Not something that I could imagine myself doing when I first received the message from Michelle. As I said earlier, my roller coaster ride – First I was excited, then nervous, then doubtful (thinking whether we were over ambitious), then excited again…. ok, its a cycle.

So what happened from 27th January…. Taking note that we had a huge break in between as both of us were busy doing our Chinese New Year Bakes and Michelle also had a bake sale in London, as I earlier blogged in my Pandan Kaya Cupcakes post

YES! ALL DISCUSSIONS WERE MADE THROUGH WHATSAPP, taking into account different time zones etc…

We started coming out with the things to bake, the layout of the table, colour theme, doing a lot of research, getting a lot of help from Pinterest etc…

And so, we decided on our final menu!

We got started right away when Michelle returned from London- Starting with the HAND CALLIGRAPHED “Jason & Gracia” design drawn by Michelle, which I later used powerpoint to edit. And WALA! Personal handmade Cake toppers 🙂


THE GREAT BAKING DAY – 18th March 2016

Macaron Shells and Cookies were already premade a few days earlier and Royal Icing for the cookie done just the Day before.

So on this day, we baked 80 Madeleines, 100 Cupcakes + the Icing for the cupcakes. The weather was not helping us to have stable frosting, but we managed to fix it 🙂

Lemon Zest


Michelle’s husband is the BEST LEMON ZESTER EVER!

This needs to be credited.  

Just look how well he grated that lemon, it looks like Tokyo Banana Sponge Cake in real life.       




Michelle’s very poetic Husband, who calls us Palatable Bakes & Word Doddles, also describes our bakes far more creatively than we can ever imagine. 

Raspberry Lemonade Cupcake – A fun mélange of zesty flavours and sweet aromas. A definite hit with the kids

Earl Grey Cupcake with Lemon Curd Centre – A zingy twist to a classical favourite. You will go for seconds, I assure you.

Pistachio Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache – A decadent chocolate top, sprinkled with crushed pistachios, melted over a nutty cupcake base. Mmmm…

Citrus Madeleine – A refreshing, citrus interpretation to a French Classic. Bon appétit!  

Oreo Cupcake – Cookie Monster’s favourite cupcake! 

Red Velvet Cupcake – A luxurious crimson-coloured cupcake, crowned with a luxurious cream cheese topping. A dessert fit for kings and queens.

Chocolate Cookie with Royal Icing – A crunchy and sweet cookie, perfect for your little princes and princesses.

Macarons – Assorted macaroons with a rich chocolate filling, guaranteed to sweeten your day.  


The wedding day- 19 March 2016

Reached the venue at 8 am to set up, with the help of a new friend Penny!


Special Thanks to:

Jason and Gracia for trusting us with your Wedding Dessert Table

Michelle for giving me this opportunity to once again, test my limits and moving on to greater achievements.

Egwin for driving around getting stuff, those really powerful poetic description of our bakes that I could have never come out with.

My mum who helped me clear stuff and washing all the containers after the wedding.

My family who suffered not having home-cooked food on Friday because I was occupying it.

The people who enjoyed my bakes

Friends who always encourage me

No amount of words can describe my gratefulness.










ALL Recipes will be posted sooner or later … so stay tuned!

Love, Karen.