Pandan Kaya Cake

One of my favourites, and a must get cake when I walk pass Bengawan Solo would be the Pandan Kaya Cake!

Imagine my excitement when I walked into my “cake-making class” on a Monday and saw that recipe amongst the 3 recipes that were placed beside the attendance file!

I was jumping up and down (on the inside of course!) 🙂

How would you describe a cake like this?

To me, its uniquely Asian. The perfect combination of light and fluffy sponge cake layered in between the rich-fragrant kaya.

A relatively easy cake to make. Just follow the steps, do it patiently, and you will get it!

Recipe for Pandan Kaya Cake: PandanKayaCakePDF

Cake ingredients

– 5 Egg Yolks

– 3 Egg Whites

– 80g sugar

– 1 tsp ovalet / SP

– 20g corn flour

– 50g plain flour

– 50g melted butter

1. Beat eggs, sugar, ovalet together until thick and fluffy (Can add in some pandan paste here for a pale green colour)

2. Sift flour together

3. Fold in Flour and butter until incorporated

4. Divide mixture into 2 baking tins ( 8″ or 9″ round)

5. Bake at 170-180degC for 18mins  or until stick come out clean.

6. Remove from baking tin and allow to cool.
Kaya Ingredients

– 600ml fresh coconut

– 3 egg yolks

– 1tsp salt

– 80g hoon kueh powder

– 750ml water

– 260g sugar

– 2 tsp agar agar

– 3 tsp instant jelly powder

– 1/2 tsp Pandan Paste

1. Mixture A – Add Fresh Coconut, Egg yolks, Salt & Hoon Kueh powder into a bowl and mix it till smooth.

2. Mixture B – Heat Water, sugar, agar agar and instant jelly powder until it comes to a boil (Constantly stirring)

3. Once Boiled, remove from heat and pour Mixture A into Mixture B while continually stirring.

4. Add in Pandan paste.

5. Put the pot back over heat and stir until thicken. Once thicken, remove from heat and continue to stir to cool (Until when it won’t sink when you scoop and drop the mixture in)
Layering the cake

1. Scoop some kaya into a piping bag and leave it aside for decorating the cake later

2. Line the sides of the baking tin with plastic liner.

3. Cut about 1cm off the edges of the cake, place 1 slice of cake into the centre of the baking tin

4. Scoop Kaya, filling the sides first before layering over the cake.

5. Place into the fridge for a few minutes until the kaya firms up.

6. Place the next layer of cake on top, scoop in the kaya (filling the sides first before the top), Place into the fridge.

7. Decorate the top layer by piping lines across the cake. Keep Refrigerated.

** optional: cover the sides with desiccated coconut for additional decoration! **



– Read through the entire recipe and understand it before you start anything 🙂

Pandan Kaya Slice Cake

pandan flavouring sp






SP/ Ovalette is a stabiliser used when making sponge cake to help the eggs to rise and not lose the air resulting in a soft, fluffy sponge cake.

I used pandan flavouring but you can also make your own pandan flavouring by grinding some pandan leaves.

I got the SP and Pandan flavouring from Ailin Bakery House at Tanjong Katong Complex.

” Good things come to those who wait… Better things come to those who don’t give up…and the best things come to those who believe! ” -Unknown 

Enjoy your Pandan Kaya Cake !